Treat Yourself. Because You. Are. Awesome. {Giveaway}

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I've been talking a lot this week about loving yourself and embracing the fact that you are enough and you are awesome. Let me say it again. You. Are. Enough. You. Are. Awesome Say it out loud. Shout it out loud. I AM ENOUGH! I've shared this video by The Mrs. before, but I want to share it again because I really, really love how powerful it is. Take a moment and watch it, but grab the tissues first because you're going to need them. As I'm going through this journey of learning to love … [Read more...]

#FindingJoy – A Challenge From one of my Favorite Bloggers

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Yesterday I shared a post about being afraid to be on the beach in a bathing suit, and how I'm working on learning to love myself and embrace the fact that I. Am. Enough. One thing that is helping me along in this new journey is a challenge that my good friend Rachel over at Finding Joy is doing this month on her blog. If you aren't already familiar with Rachel and her blog, she is one of the most positive and encouraging women I have ever met. She's been blogging for a while, but last year she wrote a blog post that … [Read more...]

Learning Not To Focus On The Fat #imENOUGH


Last week, my family went on our first beach vacation in seven years. A lot has changed since then. I had baby #6, we've moved, I've changed careers, and just in the past several months, I've gained a pretty significant amount of weight. Not sure exactly what caused the weight gain, though I do know it started when we were super broke and eating some of the shittiest, cheapest food you can buy. Once the ball got rolling, the pounds just kept packing on, even though our financial situation improved and I started eating … [Read more...]

Days Four and Five of our Hilton Head Island Trip


The last days of vacation are really the ones where it sinks in that it the awesomeness has to come to an end at some point, and that you'll soon be heading back home. I really wanted to make one more trip to the beach but the kids were just OVER all the sand getting everywhere, lol. I get it. So instead we headed out to the Westin next door since we were allowed to use their amenities as part of our villa rental agreement. They have multiple pools, with poolside bar and food service, which totally rocks. We were … [Read more...]

Day Three of our Hilton Head Island Beach Vacation

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Part of day three's adventures included Mitchelville Beach while the tide was out. (Here's my posts for day one and day two.) We were hoping for some sand dollars but found thousands of crabs instead. It's not a swimming beach, but it's perfect for exploring. Lots of pictures in today's post, there were just so many awesome things to see there! There were shells everywhere, from tiny to large, with crabs and snails living inside them. We even saw horseshoe crabs, much to Nathaniel's delight. There was a large … [Read more...]

We Finally Made it to the Beach! {Part Two}

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Yesterday's post got a little...uhh...long winded. My bad. Figured it would be better to just shut it down and then share each day of vacation as a separate post. So here's day two, which you probably already figured out because duh, title. (If you want to start at the beginning, here's my rambling post from day one of our Hilton Head Island beach vacation) Day two of our beach vacay started late's vacation and I'm not getting my ass up that early. Ha! After breakfast, I worked for a bit on … [Read more...]