Summer Fun With Family Movie Night {Recipes + Giveaway}


I always look forward to summer each year and all the fun we'll have together as a family. This year, money is tight and we honestly just can't afford to go on vacations and trips to the movies and bowling alley like we have in the past. Instead, I've spent some time looking for free activities for the kids at places nearby like the library and public parks, and at home they've stayed pretty busy doing things like baking, playing games, riding bikes outside, and playing video games. Since I work from home, it can be … [Read more...]

Summer is here – 10 things you should have asked for on Mothers Day

10 things you should have asked for on mothers day

Summer. Glooooooorious summer. Lounging by the pool, vacations at the beach, sleeping in during the week. I mean, that's totally what everyone's summers look like...right? Pahahahaha! Fat chance! Summer is here to stay (sort of, I mean it's technically not because fall will come after summer but you know what I mean) so you've got to arm yourself with the tools needed to survive! Here's a list of all of the things you SHOULD have asked for on Mothers Day, because let's be honest, that nice dinner and smelly-good … [Read more...]

Don’t tell me I’m not depressed

(Today's post is not funny or witty. I wish I had a happier way to sum all this up, but honestly I don't. This is a difficult path to recovery and sometimes it's just not all roses and sunshine. It's hard. It's ugly. And it's my life. I live with depression every single day. But I'm on this journey so that one day I won't have to. I wanted to share this because...well...I know I'm not alone in this.) We all know about depression. It's feeling down and sad and wanting to sleep all day. Crying over small things, not … [Read more...]

But you look good for having kids!

Is this more what you had in mind, good sir?

It never fails. Every time I venture out to the store with all six kids in tow, some random stranger stops to harass ask me about my family. The questions are almost always the same, and typically things that are none of their business. Inquisitive strangers make the world go round y'all. Anyhow, at some point during the interrogation inappropriate prodding questioning by said stranger, they normally utter something along these lines: "But you look good for having six kids!" Do what?! What the fuck is … [Read more...]

I ignore my kids every day

4:00 on the dot. They get off the bus, run down the street, bust through the door, and the barrage begins. For the first 10 minutes, I listen intently. Excited ramblings about the boy on the bus that gave them suckers, the gross tasting chocolate milk they had at lunch, the excuses for getting a check because homework wasn't turned in, the announcement of an upcoming field trip next month. And then I'm done. The tuning out begins. Because frankly, it's boring. Uninteresting. Annoying. Irritating. So I … [Read more...]

Whine Coolers – The Perfect Cocktail for a Mom PJ Party

Strawberry Whine Cooler

As a mom, you know how hard it can be to get a night out with your best girlfriends. You have to get all dressed up (which I admit can be fun), figure out where to go, who is going to be the designated driver, fork over a good bit of cash for drinks and cover charges, and then the night always seems to end before you are all ready to go home. Instead of going through all that hassle, why not just have a girls' night in instead? A pajama party with your girlfriends is loads of fun and you can totally rock your yoga pants … [Read more...]