10 ways to exercise while playing with your kids

When talking about the importance of exercise with other moms, the number one excuse I hear is that they don’t have enough time.  A lot of moms try to wait until their children are napping or preoccupied to attempt to squeeze in a workout.  And we know how often that actually works out.  Instead, why not exercise through play with them?  I’ve put together a list of simple exercises and activities that can easily double as play time, and that don’t require any special equipment.


ways to exercise while playing with your kids


10 Ways To Exercise While Playing With Your Kids


1.  Ring Around the Rosie – Getting up and down is great for your legs, glutes, and abs.

2.  Jumping jacks – Kids love to jump around!

3.  Dancing – Great for cardio, and your kids won’t care if you don’t have the best moves.

4.  Leg lifts/Airplane – Good workout for legs, abs, and glutes.

5.  Crab walk – Great for your core, and you’re kids will enjoy how silly you both look!

6.  Hand stands – Awesome for your core, do them against the wall if you need to for stability.

7.  Marching in place/High knees – Excellent cardio, be sure to get your knees as high as possible.

8.  Butt kicks – Fantastic cardio, and let’s face it, kids love anything that has to do with butts.

9.  Windmills – Really gets your heart rate up!

10.  Bicycle kicks – Strengthens your abs, glutes, and legs.


For even more fun, take turns telling each other what exercise to do.  Your kids will have a good time being the boss, and it will give you a little breather in between exercises.  They’re sure to come up with some silly ones, so be ready for some laughs!

All of these can be done indoors, so even if it’s rainy or you have a tiny one sleeping in the other room, you can still get your workout in!  Doing these exercises for 20 minutes a day is a great way to get your heart rate up and tone some of your major muscle groups.  Not only does exercising help you to be healthier, you’re also setting a good example for your kids.  And of course, you’re spending quality time together, which makes it even better!

Do you have some favorite exercises you like to do with your kids?  Please share them below, I love hearing from you!