10 Tips Family Friendly Fun on New Year’s Eve

At home with your family this NYE? Check out my top 10 tips for a fun night in!

1. Kid appropriate music. I opt for music from the 80s as it’s pretty upbeat and tends to be much less overtly sexual. Kidz Bop has some great versions of current hits as well.

2. Low mess finger foods. You don’t have to sacrifice taste just to make foods that kids will enjoy. Pepperoni rollups, jelly meatballs, and bleu cheese pigs-in-a-blanket are all delicious options.

3. Kiddie champagne. You can get sparkling juices in a variety of flavors these days. Serve it up mixed with some sprite in a disposable champagne glass, and you’ll have some thrilled little party goers on your hands!

4. Put on a fireworks spectacular. Put together a fun fireworks show for your kids to watch, but please, keep them out of the hands of your little ones. Even the “kiddie” sparklers burn at well over 1000 degrees, and are the cause of hundreds of hospital visits for severe burns each year.

5. Skip the kisses. You can smooch with your honey later on, but save that special countdown moment for a big group hug with your little ones. Plus, they don’t want to count down to the new year just to see their parents make out. Trust me. They’ll just think it’s gross, lol.

6. Glow party central. You can grab multi packs of bracelets, wands, necklaces and more from Dollar Tree for just a few bucks. Turn the lights down low and dance away!

7. Make sure there’s a DD. Even though you may be at hone, be sure that there is at least one adult present that isn’t drinking. Having two wasted parents at home is no good for little ones that need adult supervision.

8. Midnight, schmidnight. Who says you have to be up until midnight? If you have kids that can’t stay up that long, or if you can’t seem to make it yourself (obviously because you’re so exhausted from your awesome parenting, not because you’re getting old or anything absurd like that), who cares?! Go to bed at whatever time is best for your family. Count down to bedtime and have yourself a big ol’ hoopla then.

9. Invite the neighborsTrust me, you’re not the only parents staying home with your little ones this NYE. Invite your neighbors and their kids over, even if it’s just for a few hours. Your kids will love playing host for their friends, and you’ll get some bonus adult interaction as well!

10. Go for the games. Don’t just chill in the living room while the kids play in their bedroom! Pull out some family games and spend some time together! Don’t have games on hand? Charades and pictionary are great options that don’t require any special equipment or materials.

Whatever you do this holiday night, be safe and enjoy the precious time with your loved ones!