I’m the suckiest tooth fairy ever

So….I am the worst tooth fairy.  Ever.  In the history of tooth fairies.

When my kids lose I tooth, we all cheer and make a big hoopla about it, but after the craziness of bedtime, I always forget.  More than once, my kids have come to me in the morning, tooth in hand, with a sad face.

tooth fairy fail

(For the record, none of my kids actually believe in the tooth fairy, they know that it’s just a fun game.)

I’ve done it to all of them, at least the ones that have lost teeth so far.  Sometimes I forget for multiple days in a row.  Sometimes I just give them a dollar and a kiss and apologize.  Other times I tell them that the “tooth fairy” must have not realized that she needed to stop by last night, and to try again the next evening.  I’ll be the first one to admit I am not perfect, but bombing as the tooth fairy is pretty bad.

Luckily, my husband has stepped up as of late and taken over the tooth fairy duties.  He keeps gold dollar coins just for those special nights, and slips them under their pillow undetected.  I still forget anyway, even though he’s handling it now.  I just asked this afternoon, in a panic, if he remembered to give Angel a dollar for the tooth she lost on Sunday.  Last Sunday, folks.  It’s been a week.  And I’m just now remembering.

little girl with lost tooth

Can you say Tooth Fairy Academy Dropout?

Do you do the tooth fairy thing in your house?  Have you ever forgotten?  What do you tell your kids when the tooth fairy accidentally flies past your house?