Kid-proof your table with contact paper

Do you get nervous when your house is really quiet?  Have you ever walked in to your kitchen to find this?

girl drawing on table with markers

Have no fear!  I’ve figured out a quick, easy solution that will keep your table looking new for years to come.

kid proof table with contact paper

Supplies needed:

1 roll of contact paper


credit card/pan scraper to press out bubbles

Before you start covering your table, leave an extra inch hanging off the end to cover the edge of the table.  Be sure to press it down really well so it doesn’t stick up later.

contact paper on table

Don’t get in a hurry, you’ll end up with huge bubbles.  Nice and slow, nice and slow.

contact paper on table 2

Use your credit card or scraper to smooth out bubbles as you go along.

contact paper on table 3

When you get done with the first strip, be sure to overlap the second strip so there are no gaps.

contact paper on table 4

Use your scissors to trim along the edge of them table, or leave an inch hanging to cover the side.

contact paper on table 5

Make sure you pull the backing out to the left side of the contact paper.  It makes it much easier as you go along.

contact paper on table 6

When you’re all finished, rest easy knowing that if your little one draws all over the table, it can easily be wiped up with a washcloth.

contact paper on table 7

Furniture is an investment that should last for years.  Protecting your tabletop with contact paper will help extend the life of your table.  It only costs a few dollars, and can be pulled up and replaced several times a year with plastic from the same roll.

Have your kids drawn on your table when you weren’t looking?  What do you do to keep your table looking new?