Kidzeyes: Kids can earn earn money online too!

Several years ago, while searching for ways to make money online, I stumbled across Kidzeyes.  It’s a site where kids can take surveys about products and earn points for participating.

kidzeyes money making surveys for kids

From their site:

“KidzEyes is an online research panel composed of kids’ ages 6-12 years old that live in the United States. KidzEyes is a division of C+R Research, a full-service marketing research firm that opened its doors in Chicago in 1959. 

KidzEyes is a website that conducts COPPA-compliant market research among 6-12 year old kids. We have clients that are interested in hearing kids’ opinions in order to provide better products and services for children. Sometimes our clients are interested in hearing parents’ opinions too, in which case, you will help earn your child(ren) additional KidzPoints.”

When surveys are available, the parent and child both receive a notification email.  The surveys are easy to navigate and are typically about toys, tv shows, and food items.  Sometimes there are surveys for the parents, regarding a specific child’s interest, and the points are awarded to that child’s account.  My kids have earned anywhere from $0.50 for a 2 minute survey, to $5.00 for a 10 minute survey.  None of the questions require personal information, and my children always enjoy answering the questions.

When signing up, you do have to provide your child’s sex and date of birth, as well as an email address for them.  I set up an email address for each of my kids, specifically for Kidzeyes notifications.  My email is also on their profile, and I can log in at any time and check the balance of their account.  When they want to cash out, I simply request a check for them.  They do require a minimum of 1000 points ($10.00) when requesting a check.

kidzeyes cash survery for kids

Kidzeyes has been a fun way for my children to earn a few dollars over the past couple of years, and it’s a teaching opportunity as well.  They have learned that their responses provide feedback for companies, so that they can be sure they are providing the best product possible for their target audience.  There are never any weird ads that they can click on, and I feel 100% comfortable with all of the questions they have been presented with.

If you are looking for ways to help your children earn a few dollars outside of doing chores, definitely give Kidzeyes a look.  They accept children ages 6-12, and the signup process is pretty painless.  Surveys are sent out every few weeks, with a superpoll available each month as well.

Have you heard of Kidzeyes?  How do you feel about kid survey websites?