Mommy Confessions: Junk in my purse

I have a confession to make.

My purse is full of junk.


Not just a few old receipts kind of crap.

I mean full-on-garbage crap.

Junk I’ve been stuffing in there for a year.

I’m for real.

purse full of trash


Before you say that it doesn’t look too bad, this bag is like a clown car. It doesn’t look like there is that much stuff, but I promise, it’s completely loaded.  And the thing is, I literally have NO clue what 90% of this junk is.  I just keep shoving more in there and zipping it shut!

So today, I’m coming clean.  I’m dumping it all out and sharing the ridiculousness that I find inside.  And in celebration of my purse purging, I’m giving away a brand new Vera Bradley tote when I’m done!  Let’s get started!

The big dump:

purse full of trash dump

purse full of trash empty


Not sure what all that mess is?  Me neither.  Here are some close up shots to help you out:

purse full of trash detail


And I didn’t even show you all the mess that’s stuffed into my wallet and the two burgundy bank bags (which probably scream ROB ME! to everyone who sees them when I’m checking out at the store).  It’s pretty embarrassing.  Especially when I can’t find my wallet, car keys, or phone because they’re hidden in all the junk.  In addition to the random stuff pictured above, I also found 99 receipts (NINETY NINE, PEOPLE!), 6 empty gift cards, 23 business cards I don’t need, and 36 expired coupons.

After about 1.5 hours of sorting, I’m finally finished and my purse is neater than it’s been in at least a year.  Yay!

cleaned out purse

That’s a lot of garbage!

So ‘fess up!  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in your purse or pocket?