Talking to your teen boy about hygiene

Sometimes there come those times when you have to talk to your growing boy about serious stuff.  Like hygiene.  And how he smells god awful.  And how you can’t take it anymore.  Lol.

Thankfully, Ryan and I have a good relationship with each other, so talking about anything personal is no biggie for us.  We laugh, I poke fun and make jokes, he looks at me like I’m dumb.  It’s pretty awesome.

But I know for some moms out there that haven’t had a sit down hygiene talk yet with their boys, it can be a little awkward.  Let’s be honest, a lot of moms are just as weird about puberty as their sons are.  It’s uncharted territory, and sometimes we just don’t know what to say about sweaty balls and man funk.  Am I right?

Talking to your teen son about hygiene | Real Mom Talk

Have. No. Fear.

Ryan and I made a quick video (5 minutes is quick for my ramblin’ ass y’all) for you today to share how our talks go.  They are pretty basic, but they get the point across.  And we get to laugh some (I laugh a lot) in the process.  Check it out below, and then hang around for a giveaway from Old Spice for your teen!


See, it’s not that bad. 😉  I promise!  Seriously though, talk to your boy about hygiene, he’s nervous about what people think even if he doesn’t tell you.  Let him know it’s normal, and how to handle the body odor and sweaty mess he may be dealing with every day.  The last thing you want to do is ignore the whole issue and hope he figures it out on his own.  You may end up with an oversprayer on your hands, and you’ll have the burning nostrils and watery eyes to prove it, haha!

What’s an oversprayer you ask?  Those are the young men (and sometimes older men, eek) that don’t quite get the “less is more” part of using body spray and cologne.  You know, the ones that just spray it on THICK.  Old Spice has actually been running a hilarious “Scent Responsibly” campaign about the right way to use body spray without making guys feel totally awkward about not knowing exactly what they should be doing.  They reached out to moms like me to help them get the word out about their Re-fresh body sprays and teaching teen boys how to use them the right way.

One of my favorite TV moms, Patricia Heaton, has been working with Old Spice as well to help spread the word about not spreading the spray too far, lol.  She has four boys herself, ages 14-20, so I’m pretty sure she knows what’s up.  I actually got a chance to talk to her on the phone (OH. EM. GEE.) earlier this week and (after I got over feeling like I was going to vomit) we had a funny chat about what it’s like living with smelly boys and how challenging it can be to get them to really keep clean every day.  I can’t even begin to imagine having four teen boys in the house at once.  That’s some serious funky smells going on 24/7!  But she’s dealing with it just like the rest of us moms, one day and one spray at a time, lol.  And yes, she was just as funny on the phone as she is on TV!

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the Scent Responsibly and MomSong videos here.  And then check out this cool video that Patricia and the MomSong chorus did JUST FOR YOU GUYS!  Woot!


Don’t y’all feel special now?  I mean, you were already special but now you should feel even. more. awesome.  Because Patricia Heaton just gave you a shout out.  Bam!

So we’ve talked about HOW to talk to your boy about hygiene, and you’ve hopefully gotten in a few laughs from the videos in this post, but some tools to help the process along would be pretty awesome right?  Well duh.  Old Spice has given me a pretty rad “Smellcome to Manhood” tool kit to give away to one of my readers’ growing boys!  Sweet huh?

Here’s what’s included:

  • Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray – “Scent Responsibly” and smell like a man, not a middle school locker room.
  • Old Spice Branded Earbuds – James Blunt never sounded so manly.
  • “Over the Top” DVD – Dominate at arm wrestling like Lincoln Hawk, without having to go to truck driving school.
  • Duct Tape – Fix anything on the planet.
  • Art of Manliness Book – Becoming a man is an art and a science. It was much safer to send a paperback book than a Bunson Burner.

Pretty cool right? It’s super easy to enter, just comment below and tell me who you’d give the Old Spice tool kit to if you won. That’s it!  Enter through 11:59pm EST on Saturday, February 1st and I’ll pick a winner the next morning and notify them by email.  They’ll have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize so Old Spice can get it sent out ASAP.

Good luck y’all, both with the giveaway AND with talking to your teen boy about hygiene. You can do it!

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