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Ahhh…the joys of the holiday season as a child.  I remember pining away over toys in commercials between cartoons, being mesmerized by the shiny pages of ads, joyfully taking in the rows and rows of bright packages in the store, and making mental lists of all the cool things my friends had that I wanted to see under our tree on Christmas morning.  For my friends and loved ones, I would make lists of what they would like and my mom would take me to the $0.99 store where I would carefully select items that I just knew they would be delighted to receive.  Over the years, things have obviously changed, and now so much of my holiday wish listing is done online.  I bookmark pages and add things to carts on various retailer websites.  My kids search on Amazon for things to add to their lists that will be shared via email with family members around the country.

And then of course, there’s Pinterest.

The holy grail of online window shopping.  Row after row of gorgeous pictures of things I can just imagine having right here in my home.  I can browse on my phone, tablet or computer.  In my car (not driving of course), in the bed, or in the line at the bank.  I can even leisurely pin my favorite goodies while I’m curled up on the couch with a comfy blanket, in my yoga pants, with my gigantic mug of coffee.  (That’s the best way to pin. Just sayin’.  You should try it.)

Of course, once I pin all fifty eleven million things I love, I actually have to decide which ones I’ll be ordering to give to my favorite people for Christmas.  Now, I’m a huge fan of shopping online (aren’t we all?!) but I do get  nervous as I’m ordering things closer to the big date.  The good thing is, there are companies out there like UPS that understand that worry and do everything they can to ensure that our gifts arrive safely and on time.  I put so much time in to searching for the perfect item for each person, one that will make their face light up when they open it.  With all the craziness of the holidays, I love knowing that I can place my orders for those carefully selected gifts from the comfort of my bed home and that UPS will make sure it gets to where it needs to go.  More than once over the years I’ve used other shipping companies and had gifts that didn’t in time, were broken, or just disappeared before they reached their destination.  Which stinks.  Big time.

UPS knows that your gifts aren’t just boxes they are shipping around the world, they are emotional connections between friends and family.  To celebrate the giving spirit of the holiday season, they are running a fun #NotABox #UPSHappy Pin It To Win It contest, and asking you to share all your cool gift ideas with them!  You just pin all your favorite gift ideas to a board on Pinterest, and send them the link for a chance to win 1 of 7 $100+ gift cards to awesome retailers like Ebags, Wayfair, Online Shoes and Rent The Runway.  So of course, I’ve been pinning all of the coolest gift ideas I find to a new board I’ve created, called UPS Delivers Holiday Gifts.  Thankfully my kids aren’t on Pinterest, and neither are most of my family members, lol.  Check out some of my favorite items so far:




You know you’re pinning holiday gift ideas anyway, so why not jump into the Pin It To Win It contest and enter to win an awesome gift card you can use to buy things for yourself more sweet gifts for others?!  It’s super easy to play along, here’s the 1-2-3 for ya:

UPS Pin It To Win It contest

1.  Create a board on Pinterest called UPS Delivers Gift Ideas.
2.  Fill it with your favorite gift ideas, and be sure to include #NotABox and #UPSHappy as part of each pin description.
3.  Email your board link (Example - http://www.pinterest.com/therealmomtalk/ups-delivers-holiday-gifts) to PinItToWinIt@UPS.com.

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That’s it!  I told you it was easy!  You can enter anytime between December 2nd and 16th, and they’ll choose 7 winners based on creativity and originality of their gift idea board.  Only one entry per person, and of course, no purchase is necessary to enter.  For the official rules and contest information, visit http://pressroom.ups.com/pinittowinit.

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